Welcome for “the Grassroot”, the newsletter of the Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET).  This is the very first issue of this edition of the newsletter. The Grassroots will be published quarterly to cover topical issue, developments, engagements and insights on community media in Kenya and in the region. Community media are the tested and unparalleled outlets for communication of grassroots communities all over the world. The newsletter thus hearkens to the expressed vision and mission of KCOMNET to amplify community voices that are expressed in a variety of community media, such as community radio, newsletters, theatre, art, music, among others.

The Grassroot will endeavor not only to inform on the engagements of community media but will also provide insightful analysis and commentaries on community media. The Newsletter is therefore a platform for information, reflection and dialogue on community media in Kenya and in the region. This endeavor is attested by the variety of articles, covering a host of interesting and engaging issues, in this premier issue of the newsletter.

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Njuki Githethwa

Chief Editor

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